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Your smile was contagious. Your clothes were outrageous
And you hated brushing your teeth
You taught your teddy bears math, dressed the dog, bathed your cats
And cut your own hair when you were three
But you grew up so quickly it seems
Now I'm watching you live out your dreams

I love being your daddy and I'm so proud you're my girl
I wouldn't trade the love that you give me for anything
In this whole world
On the inside and the outside you're a treasure to behold
And though it's hard letting you go, I love watching you grow
I love being your daddy

And I can't wait to see what you'll do, who you'll be
And what happens as time goes by
You'll keep growing and changing, believing and praying
Enjoying the blessings in life
As you live out the dreams in your heart
I hope to always be a part

Cause I love being your daddy...

Even today, as I gave you away, I saw something in your eyes
The look on your face made me think of the day
You came into our lives
And I did my best not to cry

Oh I love being your daddy...

© 2007 Candice Grisham