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I'm writing you this letter cause things aren't getting better
I couldn't say this to your face
If you're trying I can't tell. I'm so tiered of the hell
And I know we're both to blame
But today I had enough, so I took off my ring
I loaded up my stuff and made sure your house was clean

And I almost left today, but love stood in the way
It wasn't something that I felt; it was a choice I had to make
Which would be more real, the way that I feel or
the promise that I made that day
We said for better or worse and I know this qualifies
So I'm gonna keep on trying, wiping tears from my eyes

I came back in the door, collapsed on the bedroom floor
And cried for a while. And I prayed
Lord, if You get us through now, I know we'll make it somehow
We'll take it mile by mile
One day I'll look back at all the times I chose to love
And when we're old and grey, we'll have something we're proud of

I used to think that love was just flowers and romance
Now I know real love is the strength to keep on giving this another chance

So your dinner's in the fridge. I paid that bill that was due today
The kids are at your mom's and I'm still here
Cause love stood in the way

© 2007 Candice Grisham