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For years I waited for the right one
Cause I said I'd never settle when it came to love
But time has a way of making us liars
After being alone my heart was getting tiered
When I started thinking maybe my expectations were too high
You came along, baby. Now you're the love of my life

Everything I want, everything I need
I find in you and when you're with me
I'm the woman, the woman I want to be
It's not just the things you do
It's a feeling I get when I'm with you
That you're the man, you're the man for me

This love is a miracle cause left to myself
I never could have found you. You're like no one else
God's not always early, but He's never late
When He brought you along I found that you were worth the wait
When I started thinking maybe my heart was too tough
You broke through to me, baby, and now I can't get enough

I'm the woman I want to be when I'm with you
You bring out the best in me
Like I've always wanted someone to
You came just in time and now my heart knows
What love is like

© 2007 Candice Grisham