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I remember the first time we went out
We met at that little restaurant on the edge of town
I was so nervous and you showed up late
When you reached for my hand, I dumped my drink in your plate
You jumped up from the table and my face turned red
But then you smiled at me, put your hand out and said
I wasn't that hungry anyway. I've got an idea.
What do you say...

Let's dance like all we've got is tonight
Like we're not even worried about getting it right
Let's throw out our fears and just have fun
We'll show everybody here how it's done
Oh, let's give this date one more chance
Let's dance

A few months later, after one of our fights
You showed up at my house in the middle of the night
I opened the door and you were down on your knee
With a ring in your hand and a tear on your check
You said, baby, I don't know why we fight like we do
But I want to spend the rest of my life with you
I know we've been through a lot today, but I've got an idea.
What do you say...

(Let's give you and me one more chance)

It's been twenty-six years and the kids are grown
We spend more time at work and less time at home
Without even trying we've drifted apart
And this empty nest makes for lonely hearts
But it's friday night and I know this spot
Where you and I could meet and find what we've lost
And it's alright with me if you show up late
Cause now more than ever, honey, you're worth the wait
And of all the sweet things you have done
It's finally my turn to be the clever one
Let's fall back in love today. I've got an idea
What do you say

(Let's give this love one more chance)

© 2007 Candice Grisham